BIBO in your Home

Your family and your home are the most important things in the world. Make sure the water you are providing is Filtered, Healthy and Clean.

Convenient, Beautiful, Instant, Technologically Advanced, Filtered Boiling or Chilled Water at the touch of a button is what a BIBO machine will bring to your home.

Features Include


Boiling or chilled great tasting water on

demand. Never run out of water again and

choose the temperature that you want!

Perfect for Babies Bottles, recipes, drinks and

the perfect cup of coffee.


UV Lamp filtration ensures chlorine, bacteria and pesticide free water always. BIBO have the most up to date in the world technology for water filtration and with a free health programme, motivating you to consume the perfect amount of water based on your weight and activity, you are investing in yours and those around you health in every way possible. 


With a BIBO in your home or business, you are choosing a Better Lifestyle. Increasing your health, saving money and the environment and matching your current colour scheme, a BIBO is for people who want and invest in the best. 

Cutting Costs              

Not only is a BIBO beautiful and beyond functional, you will actually Save Money with one. A BIBO eliminates buying bottled plastic water, reduces your electricity and refuse charges and ensures that you are using the right amount of water every time.


With touch screen capability, the BIBO has been designed

with children in mind. Simply put the child-lock on your

BIBO and keep inquisitive little hands safe at all times.


Reducing your plastic footprint and energy consumption, a BIBO is the perfect choice for any individual and home that is concerned about the environment. With Ireland the biggest contributor of plastic waste in the EU and New EU derivatives being introduced to combat this, now is the perfect time to invest in a BIBO.


Have you an individual in your life or home that has mobility issues? The process of making a cup of tea or coffee or getting a glass of water can be extremely difficult for them. With a BIBO, this is taken care of. Connected to your mains water supply and touch screen, it gives that individual the ability to make their preferred beverage safely and independently. You can programme the temperature and amount of water to be dispensed so no more worries about kettles or taps and giving independence back. We love that we can help with this at BIBO. 


A BIBO is for life but we understand that the colour in your kitchen is not! That is why we have designed the BIBO to customise and change with you. The panels on a BIBO are interchangeable so when you change your colour scheme, let us know and we can send you out custom colour panels that fit easily to your BIBO and new colour scheme.  


Peace of mind           

When buying a premium product, you also deserve a premium service! Our qualified engineers will deliver, install and set up your BIBO for FREE! No need to worry about plumbers, parts or delivery. When you order your BIBO, you will have it installed and ready to use within 7 working days.

What are you waiting for?


Browse our BIBO Range and find the perfect one for you!

Perfect for filling babies bottles in an instant