Changing your Filters

It's really easy to change your filters and your BIBO will remind you when they're due.


You need to change your Maxi Filter Cartridge every 6 months and your UV Lamp once a year.

Your Filter Pack contains your yearly supply of filters and one UV Lamp.


Cleaning your BIBO

A High proportion of the Irish population live in

hard water areas. That's why we recommend regularly

cleaning your hot tank to protect your BIBO

from symptoms of limescale.

Symptoms to look out for are:


  • The hot water will dispense more slowly

 (The hot tank will continue to dispense briefly after you

touch the key to stop)

  • The rear section of your drip tray will slowly fill from the

hot tank overflow each time the tank re-heats

  • Excessive dripping from the dispense nozzles whilst heating

We recommend descaling your hot tank every 6 months,

even if your BIBO isn't presenting any of the symptoms above.

This helps prevent limescale build ups which may cause

your BIBO harm in the future.

Love your BIBO


Instruction Manual and Video