All things Cork

July 27, 2018

Since BIBO Ireland headquarters are in the rebel county, we thought it only fitting to do our Friday post on all things Cork.

It's one of those unique places on this earth where you have city embracement with a small town emphasis. 

30 unique aspects and places below!


1. Cork Slang


This has to be the most unique aspect of Cork  - Corkonian language is like nothing you have ever heard before;

Allergic - to not like something/someone

Chalk it down - absolutely right about something

Gawks - to feel sick

Langer - obnoxious person

Oul’ doll - girlfriend

Haunted - very lucky



2. Beamish Irish Stout


Produced, brewed and drank in Cork. This Water, Malted Barley, Barley, Wheat and Hop Extract beverage is perfect for a winters evening.  Any pub not serving - leave immediately. 







3. Model Railway Village


A miniature world of Cork, located in Clonakilty. Filled with the most gorgeous house and train replicas you are likely to see. A real must for both adults and kids alike.  


4. The English Market


A foodies paradise! One of the oldest of it's kind and  incorporates every culture and dish of Ireland all under one roof in Cork City.

Sure didn't the Queen love it!


5. Spike Island


Named in 2017 as Europe's Leading Attraction. A former prison just dripping in 1300 years of history. Get the ferry from Cobh and have an absolute day to remember. 


6. West Cork


Schull, Baltimore, Skibbereen and Castletownbere are just some of the towns and villages that will take your breath away. The people and pubs here move at a different pace and are a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of every day life. (oh and piece of advice, take the scenic routes, it's worth the extra 20 minutes).


7. The Cork Jazz Festival


On in 2018 from OCTOBER 25 – OCTOBER 29, this festival is like no other. Jazz is a music enriched with diversity, a richness and beauty so having every venue in Cork blasting with it for 4 whole days needs to be experienced by all. 


8. The old Railway Line to Crosshaven


A restoration project that has turned out to be a real beauty. You can now cycle or walk the 16km route surrounded by phenomenal scenery. A brilliant, not too strenuous Sunday day with the family we think?


9. Best Breakfast in Ireland - Liberty Grill



Mmmmmmmmmmmm......... That is all.





10. Triskel Christchurch Cinema

 Yes, you read that correctly - a church with a cinema! With usually two films showing a day and complete with pew seating, this is like no other cinema on earth. Plus it gives you the opportunity to say "Yes mam, I went to church".



11. The Comedy Club at City Limits


With the longest running comedy club in Ireland, you are sure to get existing and up and coming talent splitting your sides. 



12. Garnish Island


Who wouldn't want to visit an island filled with seals and beautiful gardens? Pack a picnic, take the road to Glengarrif, hop on a ferry or local boat ride and just enjoy.



13. Ziggys Music Venue 


Lover of Rory Gallgher or Thin Lizzy? Then this is the place for you. Located on  Main Street, Cork City, it's rock music through and through. Great pub, great atmosphere and great music. 


14. Sherkin Island


No laws apply here. It is a place comprising of two pubs and a church - neither of which ever close. Located off Baltimore in West Cork, you are only a short ferry away from a whole different experience! 



15. Ballymaloe Cookery School


The way to a persons heart is through their stomach. Well if that is true, you will have them swooning with what you will learn here. Cooking with food that is picked straight from the garden, the appreciation and skill of cooking will engulf you here. 


16. University College Cork

Not only is UCC the biggest employer in Cork, the grounds and facilities are out of this world with it also being in the top 2% of Universities worldwide!  The campus is open to the public all year round, offering high quality public amenities, as well as a wealth of cultural activities and experiences.


17. Midleton Distillery 


Located in Midleton, welcome to the home of Jameson Irish Whiskey. You can visit the distillery and  enjoy a whiskey tasting while there. Oh and interesting fact - Irish Whiskey can only be made with Irish water and on the Island of Ireland under European Law. Yes lads, it's truly ours! 


18. Moonlight Kayaking with Atlantic Sea 

Imagine moonlight basking West Cork scenery, a billion stars and a few moments of you and the water. That's what this experience will give you. Seriously, just do it. When your old, you will thank yourself.  


19. Fitzgerald’s Park


This park is designed perfectly and has something for everyone. From rose gardens, playground, cafe, sensory gardens and museum, the heart of Cork City belongs here. Top tip  - when at the rose garden, the gate will bring you to the back of the Mardyke arena. From here, to the Lee Fields which is another gorgeous walk along the River Lee.  


20. Live at the Marquee

Yes, Cork holds it's concerts in a tent. Not just any tent though, the king of tents! Every summer a fantastic lineup can be seen and heard here. 


21. Cork Hurling Team


Cork have won the All Ireland Hurling Championship 30 times. No small feat for the fastest field game on earth. You can watch the games in Pairc Ui Chaoimh, but be warned there is no alcohol allowed when entering into the seated area. Still though the skill will amaze you and GAA is as Irish as you get. 


22. Kissing the Blarney Stone


Maybe kissing the Blarney Stone will give you the "gift of the gab" or a coldsore.  Still no visit to cork is complete without puckering up, being bent over and kissing a rock.  


23. Blackrock Castle Observatory


Now this is something that you will want to see! Really getting to gaze up into the heavens is something that should never be missed. Plus the castle itself is a beauty to behold. 


24. The Lough


Just a short distance from the city, take an afternoon and go feed the ducks and geese. Sit on one of the benches and you are guaranteed to get chatting to right characters. 



25. Fota Wildlife Park

Spectacular wildlife and grounds. The real beauty is that this is not like a zoo, the animals are in wide open spaces and free to move around. Perfect for keeping little ones entertained all day long! 


26. Breast in a Bun


Oh the quintessential feast after a few pints. A Saturday night at Hilbillies take away located at the Grand Parade is producer of this glorious burger.




27. Tanora

 Cork has its own fizzy drink and they are fiercely proud of the orange stuff. It has a very unique tangerine taste and is sure to quench any thirst. The future of the Tanora was under scrutiny but a large Facebook campaign for support of the drink ensured it's future.   





28. Shandon Bells 


Try your hand at ringing the Shandon Bells, located at St. Annes church on Shandon Street. Whilst there you can view the internal workings of the clocks also known as the ‘Four Faced Liar’. The church along with the sound of the bells are particularly beautiful at night.  


29. Gougane Barra

Absolute tranquility and solidarity can be found here. Located just off Macroom, you may end up being the only person there. It is the perfect place to just switch off and get away from it all.   


30. The blind goat farmer on Cape Clear Island

A predominantly gaelic speaking district located a 45 minute ferry ride from Baltimore, Cape Clear island is itself unique and beautiful. On this island, there is a true hidden gem called Ed Harper. He is a goat farmer and blind, whom sells th