BIBO Vs The Kettle

August 22, 2018

Thinking of buying a new kettle? Read this comparison of BIBO Ireland instant boiling and chilled filtered water dispenser Vs a kettle and see which one is better suited to your home or business.  


A similar scenario comparison would be the typewriter and the keyboard. Both give you the same outcome but which is better quality and faster? The keyboard of course. Could you ever imagine yourself using a typewriter? Well you will never imagine yourself using a kettle again after a BIBO!





Domestic - Purchase €695 - including expert engineer instalment -  Water Intake Programme -  Filters for up to 5000 litres free. 

Commercial - Rental €495 + VAT including one week trial period - BIBO Engineer installation -  Water Intake Programme for all employees  - Service visit every 6 months -  Employee Discount - Priority repair service


Kettle -€30 - €400



BIBO - Placed on a countertop.

Kettle - Placed on countertop or hob. 




BIBO - Mains connected. Instant boiling or chilled filtered water. Child lock. Programmatic features. Different colours. Automatic refill. Impaired mobility friendly. 

Kettle - Plug or hob use. Up to 6 minute wait time for boiling water. NOT CHILD FRIENDLY. Different colours. Refill from tap. NOT IMPAIRED MOBILITY FRIENDLY.



A BIBO is for life and is far superior to the outdated kettle, with one distinctive advantage being that you never ever have to refill a BIBO.  Connected to your mains water, a constant supply of the most gorgeous tasting filtered boiling or chilled water is given instantly and will never run out. 


Mobility and safety issues come into force here also and if there is a person/people that have these, a very big concern can come from making a cup of tea.


A BIBO is so smart that you can program your cup size if need be and it will fill it to that exact amount. A person with impaired mobility is now able to push a button, choose the temperature and make a cup of tea or coffee. A BIBO can give the independence back on an issue so small but so significant. 


We also need to discuss "Rapid Boil", kettles as they usually aren't as quick or “Rapid” as they sound. 

A BIBO will deliver hot drinks in seconds, even the fastest kettles take around a minute before your next coffee is ready.


Some other kettles have a function to keep water hot. Unfortunately, this usually means the kettle re-boils every so often, wasting electricity in the process (unlike the BIBO’s energy-saving sleep mode). Every time that you use a kettle your electricity usage and cost is going up and up.


According to the cost involved with using the average kettle is 60 cent per hour. On average a kettle is boiled 10 times a day in households and 30 times in a business with the normal boiling time taking 125 seconds. When this is put into a financial perspective it is costing a household around €110 euro and businesses €219 per year on electricity bills just from boiling your kettle. If your house or business is using the kettle more than the average then that amount is only going up. 



For business the time that is lost with boiling the kettle is extraordinary. For example if an office has an employee base of 20 people who are boiling the kettle twice per day and the usual time that it takes for a kettle to boil is 125 seconds then productivity lost and the time spent boiling a kettle is just over 1 hour and 20 minutes - lost to boiling a kettle??

How much is that costing a business and if you increase the employee base, then keep increasing the cost. 


The BIBO also provides chilled filtered water on demand so we have to take into account the amount of money that is being spent on the chilled side of water in households and businesses, bottled water, filters etc - this can accumulate into the thousands. We have an online calculator to see how much money you are spending on bottled water, so make sure to have a look and see what your amount is. 



In kettles where they provide filtered water, the filters, like most filter beverage making machines need to be changed monthly. A BIBO has a 5000 litre capacity which means a lot of cups of tea and coffee before you need to change. 


By our reckoning, even the most advanced kettle has only one advantage – it’s cheaper than a BIBO. Just remember that for the lower price you won’t get instant cooled water, a product to help with mobility impaired individuals, child-lock,  intelligent programming, a 5000 litre filter capacity, and you’ll have to keep filling that noisy old kettle!

Out with the old and in with the new! 



More information on BIBO for Home can be found HERE


More information on BIBO for Business can be found HERE 




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