BIBO Water Dispenser Vs Hot Water Taps

August 20, 2018

Think of investing in an under the counter hot water tap? Read this honest comparison of a BIBO Water Dispenser Vs Hot Water Taps and see which one suits your home, business and pocket best!


BIBO - €695 including free installation

Instant Hot Tap - €300 - €3000 excluding installation



BIBO - Placed on a countertop in place of where kettle/boiler used to be

Instant Hot Tap - Placed under your kitchen sink. Entire press needed. 



BIBO - Mains connected. Instant boiling or chilled filtered water. Child lock. Touch screen controls. Programmatic features. Different colours. 

Instant Hot Tap - Mains and electrical connected. Hot water only. Tap mechanism.



Here at BIBO Ireland we believe everyone deserves instant, filtered, hot and cold water on demand, at home or at work. But why should you have to pay extortionate amounts?! 


The BIBO gives you a beautiful, affordable solution to a boiling water tap. Sitting beautifully on your work top, replacing your kettle and water jug, kitting your kitchen to the fullest and saving yourself an entire cupboard space where a bulky instant hot water tap occupies.


Hot water taps need to be connected to both your water supply and electricity so you’ll need a professional (or two!) to install it for you.


We also offer a range of 10 gorgeous colours just to suit your kitchen! Your BIBO will save energy with its clever power saving modes all whilst still being ready to give you steaming hot water just when you need it. With programmable quantity settings and safety lock features, you no longer have to be worried about getting your hands anywhere near that hot water too! 



View our Range HERE and find the perfect one for you.




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