Beautiful Ireland

July 18, 2018


Not only have we landscape that can rival and beat most, there is something that is very unique about Ireland and it's people. This beauty is something that trickles through us, can be read through our poetry, felt with our sport, heard in our music, seen with our dancing and experienced within our homes. 


As well as having the "gift of the gab" , we also have the gift of individuality. Next time you are in a town or city in Ireland, just look around you (yes, look up from your phone) and splender in the differences of the individuals of this country, for it is exactly that uniqueness that makes us one of the best loved nations in the world. 



At BIBO Ireland, we love this!


We are a company that is built on individuality and we believe that a persons style represents their personality, their uniqueness and it showcases to the world "This is who I am and this is what I'm about". 



The current fashion trends that are happening in Ireland are all about big, bright, bold colours - Yummy Yellows, Racy Reds, Gorgeous Greens and Occurring Oranges can be seen draped on the people of Ireland. Isn't it just glorious!


Those trends are also alive in our homes. A sanctuary and space that is really ours which deserves the respect and treatment bestowed upon ourselves. One of the most wonderful feelings is to come home in the evening, kick off your shoes, make yourself a coffee and just relax in your space. 


When we were designing the BIBO range, we had all this in mind; the individuality of people, their homes and how they like the world to perceive them.  We know that safety is paramount, which is why we decided on the latest UV Light Filtration which controls and eliminates contamination but we also wanted to bring style to our design, which is what we did.


Each colour and style represents difference and who you are.



From a Breezy Blue BIBO, designed for a space of serenity and cool while styled around individuals who are sure, calm and collected to the Stallion Black BIBO, designed for a space of sleek and class while styled around individuals who are creative, assured and precise, there is a BIBO for everyone. 


Browse through our BIBO Range and discover which one is for you. 


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