Businesses have an obligation to reduce plastic contribution

Businesses in Ireland have an obligation to reduce their plastic waste contribution. One of the ways in which they can do this, is to stop purchasing plastic cups and bottles and implement a reusable bottle policy with staff.



The epidemic that is single use plastic has had a devastating effect worldwide. As individuals and businesses, we need to again rethink our consumption and life cycle of the products we use.


We have fallen into a half hearted thought process and give zero consideration to where something ends up after use. One of the major contributions to this trail of thought is accessibility and consequences. When something is provided for free and in a disposable manner, that is exactly how it will be used.


The perfect example of this is single use plastic bags. Up until 2002, thin disposable plastic bags were given out freely in supermarkets and as many will remember the Irish landscape suffered horrendously.  A levy was then brought in, with a charge being put upon purchase and since then the annual bag use per person has dropped from almost 350 to 14 (2002-2017). This absolutely shows us that with emphasis and consequence, dramatic change can occur. It has now become complete normality for individuals to bring plastic bags to the supermarket. 


Businesses can also create this effect. If a reusable alternative is supplied then you can be assured your staff will use it. 


It is the drinking water consumption in businesses that drive use. If all that is supplied is large drum water filters, resulting in single use cups or single bottled water that is what your staff will use. It is your duty to provide an alternative. 


At BIBO Ireland, we work with companies to show them the alternative. We provide a mains plumbed instant filtered boiling or chilled water dispenser, that provides your staff with their entire water needs. A plastic free programme is then rolled out across the entire staff and knowledge of the new system is adapted. 


To date we have over 1000 BIBO's in the workplace across Ireland. 


To find out more about the BIBO Plastic Free Programme, give us a call on (0) 1 485 3420 or email



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