The money wasted on plastic bottles is shocking!

July 31, 2018

Everything about single use plastic bottles is wasteful. We already discussed the devastating effect that it has on the environment with our post "Plastic in Ireland #Choose2Reuse" and now we want to speak with you about the money, your hard earned money, that is being wasted every time you purchase one. 


Let's begin with the initial cost of the item. Right now in Ireland, July 2018 according to Numbo the average price of bottled water is €1.33. (we really recommend clicking that link to see the average price of goods in Ireland, it's scary!) This may not seem that much BUT if we start to take into account days and weeks, then the real figure starts to emerge. 


A lot of people would say to themselves "I'm being healthy, I drink two bottles of water per day -I buy one in the morning and one at lunch ". Brilliant on the health part, not so much for your pocket.

Let's calculate that up - €1.33 X 2 = €2.66, that's how much your spending per day. "That's not expensive, it's less than €3 "

Let's keep going  - €2.66 X 7 = €18.62 is what you are spending per week. "Again that's less than €20 for my health, I don't mind"

Not finished yet - €18.62 X 52 = €968.24  - that's how much you are spending on single plastic bottled water per year! "Oh, I see now".



We have an online Spend Calculator  that will show you exactly and quickly how much you are spending over the year, so have a go and see the figures.


What makes this even worse is the fact that the World Health Organisation are now investigating after studies found micro particles in popular bottled brands of water. So you could be ingesting these poisonous residues whilst thinking you are choosing the healthy option. Shudder... 


Now let's speak about recycling/waste management costs. So where do all these bottles go? Unfortunately the plastic fairy whom magically comes and makes it disappear does not exist. 



If we stick to the example above of 2 bottles per day, this amounts to 728 bottles per year..."Say what"... yes, you read that correctly, you are putting 728 bottles that need to be disposed of into the environment per year. It's really a devastating thought as that is only one person - what are we doing as a country? 

So those 728 bottles, if you were to put them into your recycling bin (based on an average bin of 240L) over the year, it would fill 22 of them. How much is that costing you? 


Our obsession with single use plastic has to stop and if you don't want to do it for the environmental factor, then do it for your pocket. Choose to reuse your plastic bottle and ensure that the water going into it is healthy and fit for purpose. 



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