How to Use

 1. Insert the amount of bottled water you use/buy per day into the Bottled Water Per Day section.

2. Move the Weeks Slider to the desired number

3. Your Total Spend and Plastic Bottle Pollution for that period will now be shown. 

What this shows us

Not only does bottled water cost you a huge amount per year, it is unhealthy for yourself and the environment.

To put it in perspective if you consume 2 bottles of water per day, you are spending over €940 per year. That is €225 more expensive than what your BIBO will cost. 

If we were to look at that figure over a 3 year period, after purchasing your Beautiful BIBO, you are saving yourself over €1700. 

So look at the numbers above and see what is more cost effective for your pocket and the environment. 

( Oh and we haven't even mentioned saving money on your electrical and recycling costs )