The Lifestyle Change

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Giving you instant boiling water when you want it. The BIBO is far superior on time, water quality, temperature and energy than any kettle on the market. 

Goodbye Kettle

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Giving you perfectly chilled water that is UV Light filtered, it removes chlorine, pesticides and nasty bacteria ensuring a chilled, safe, gorgeous tasting drink every time. 

Goodbye Filter


A BIBO is for life but the colour in your kitchen isn't! Don't worry, when you change your colour scheme you can order your BIBO panels to suit. 

The Perfect Colour

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Stop wasting money and destroying the environment. Choose to reuse your plastic bottle and fill with the crisp, clear, chilled filtered water from a BIBO.

We have an exclusive online  Spend Calculator  allowing you to see exactly how much you can save by switching.

Goodbye Plastic


The BIBO gives you instant any temperature.  Ranging from 5°C to 98°C, so no matter the recipe or drink you can have the right temperature in an instant. 

Your Choice Temperature